The Spirit of Rollington in Stitches

Charlotte Fereday has been a Rollington exhibitor for the last few years and feels that there’s something magical about the way it springs up out of nowhere and becomes such a vibrant place for two weeks, and then gets packed away for another year. She aims to capture some of the spirit of Rollington in one large scale textile piece.

Charlotte will be inviting everyone who passes through to sit with her for one minute to be sketched, with all the sketches being incorporated into a massive stitched wall hanging.

During the two weeks Charlotte will split the time between sketching and stitching, with the intention that the piece will evolve over the festival fortnight, and be finished during the last weekend.

Do come and take part in the Spirit of Rollington!

Visit Charlotte in the installation space at the far end of the Byre, from 11am to 3pm, every day during PAW.