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PYA 2018

Purbeck Young Artists was very successful in 2018, with seventeen schools involved. The quality of the workshops results were higher than ever and the exhibition was excellent. We were able to offer students workshops that added to their skill set and we offered workshops that had not been offered previously. We had four very experienced artists on the team who ran excellent workshops based around the 2018 theme of Movement.

This year we combined the PYA awards evening and the PAW Private View. We had a very good presentation by DOMV with lots of participation from the children!

The junk modelling workshop, (run by Chris Clarke from the Gallery at 41), was a great success. Over 30 children aged from 2 to about 10 took part together with their dads, mums and grandparents. We would like to congratulate Harry Coggins from Swanage Primary School who won the Best Junk Model Prize. He was 7 at the time and his model was called Robotics. Harry won a day trip to Monkey World and had a great day out. Well Done Harry!

Rollington Exhibition

Rust Printing Workshop

Below are some images from our rust printing workshop at The Purbeck School with students studying GCSE art. The work made in these workshops was included in the students work books and marked as part of the GCSE assessment.

This workshop was run by Artist Helen Biles

Mosaic Workshop

The Students at Swanage Primary School worked very hard on a mosaic project that spanned a number of months. A one day PYA workshop was part of this large, ongoing, creative project. The finished artwork was installed in the grounds of the school.

This workshop was run by artist Jane Colquhoun.