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Advertising in the Festival Events Programme

A4 (portrait)

The Programme of Events will give interesting background about the live events and performers. There will be a full colour run of around 500.

There is limited space to advertise and so those that do will have a high profile.

Sizes and Prices for Adverts (width X height):

  • 1/4 Page (Portrait) 90 X 130mm: £55
  • 1/4 Page (Landscape) 175 X 65mm: £55
  • 1/2 Page 190 X 140mm: £105
  • Full A4 Page: £205
  • 216 X 303mm (including 3mm bleed all round)

Advertising in the Brochure of the Whole Festival

A5 (landscape)

The Festival Brochure includes events, Rollington Barn and all of the artists open studios with a detailed map of the location of each. There will be a full colour run of 12,000, distributed widely across Purbeck and neighbouring areas plus available to download online.

Sizes and Prices for Adverts (width X height):

  • QUARTER Page (87 X 64mm): £100
  • HALF Page (98 X 138mm): £180
  • FULL PAGE Page (200 X 138mm): £250

Formats Accepted

  • PDF: high quality
  • Jpeg: highest quality 300 dpi
  • Eps: 300 dpi


Payment Details

Payment can be made to PAW:

Sort Code: 09-01-29
A/C: 06614371
(Please reference your organisation)

For further enquiries please contact: info@purbeckartweeks.co.uk