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Wareham Library Garden 2018

Following on from the successful ceramic garden frieze project in 2017 which coincided with the refurbishment of Wareham Library gardens, we have embarked on a new project to enliven the dull blank wall to the left of the frieze. Wareham Primary School pupils and special needs members of the Purbeck Centre have worked together to create a work of community art that celebrates children’s storybooks and a love of reading.

Each tile has created a tile which features a character or scene from their favourite childhood story and an embossed border tile. They have learnt different techniques for painting on ceramics along with how to apply the glazes to create a colourful tile. For their embossed tile they have learnt how to roll clay to the correct thickness, how to add the decorations and glazing techniques. The children chose a favourite quote from their story which was added to their creation. All the tiles have been put together to create a large bright mural to enliven the blank wall. The mural is bordered by the embossed glazed tiles.

Monday 21st May 2018

The unveiling of the mural in the garden of Wareham Library was a great occasion today with nearly 60 children enjoying seeing their tile and the finished mural.

An enormous THANK YOU to Frances for welcoming everyone, to Rachel Bright for doing the biz and handing out copies of her books to all the children, to Dawn Newlove-Clarke for her magnificent work as Project Manager and to everyone else who has helped create such a great garden. Jonathan Sells joined us for the unveiling of his sculpture and all our sponsors were thanked – we had a representative from the Valentine Trust join us.

Work in Progress