I transform images into fabric through the use of layers and free motion embroidery. My work is built by constructing images in fabric with a focus on layers to portray the balance between light and dark. I first sketch the subject in pencil, charcoal or pen, before using this study to create a collage of fabric. I follow this with free motion embroidery to sketch and shade with thread, adding the detail of the subject to the material. Free motion embroidery is much like using a pencil, however the needle is static and it is the fabric I move. I began my textile life using hand embroidery, which I still thoroughly enjoy, and use in some of my works, however my hands do not! I discovered free motion which gives me greater freedom, possibilities and speed. More recently I also combine my love of maps and textile, creating textile maps. In my maps I use the pleasure I take from looking at and working with fabric and colour; combining the two so they compliment each other, the subject or area and reflect the emotion of the piece. I am forever experimenting and learning. Map commissions taken.

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