Sinead O’Neill

2024 Venue(s): Rollington Barn

Contact Information:
07947 830002
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Artist’s Statement:

“Sinead finds solace and inspiration amidst the wonders of nature. Using acrylics as the medium of choice, she alters the paint’s consistency, and uses various tools and techniques, striving to capture the dynamic essence of the world around us. The acrylics flow and intertwine, creating textures that are as intricate as the secrets of a deep ocean or an enchanted forest. It’s a canvas where movement is not limited to the stroke of a brush but extends to the very essence of the scene, her paintings resonate with the essence of life and motion, overflowing with the energy of the natural world.

Since having children, Sinead has also found herself drawn to paint in watercolours where she has created her own whimsical animal characters that take adventures around Purbeck. Inspired by her own family adventures and her childrens’ love of animals, these paintings have a light-hearted fun feeling to them, in contrast to the acrylic paintings.”