Phil Hill

Categories: Painting

2022 Venue(s): Open Studio 21

“Abstract Art has long fascinated me despite not really understanding it. Until, that is, I visited a museum in Amsterdam some years ago. There I found a series of tree paintings by Piet Mondrian. The first was quite naturalistic, but as the series progressed, the paintings became more abstract. The last one was just 9 or 10 strokes of the brush but it said “”Tree”” as loudly as the first. For me, it became a lightbulb moment. Through Mondrian I found my way to Bauhaus and its teachings. My understanding of its lessons is that there are no rules. Rules stand in the way of freedom and change. There are no limits to composition or methods of working. Bauhaus teachings still resonate loudly today.

As Abstract Art was developing so Jazz Music was beginning to light up the world. Both disciplines growing together have a very close relationship, abstract painting being a visual representation of jazz music. The two disciplines go hand in hand. Happy, tender, brutal, melancholic .. anywhere your imagination takes you. Absolute magic.”