Nell Race

2024 Venue(s): Open Studio 14

Contact Information:
07784 494301

Artist’s Statement:

“To begin, I draw.
I write notes by the drawing, walk, sharpen pencils, ride a bike and think a lot (but not stiflingly long). To be forever curious, free to experiment, independent and have a generous dose of tenacity: all these seem indispensable in the making process.
But not one finished work ever has a smooth ride, without struggles (and I don’t think they should). Images progress variously, slowly, through changes and eliminations and additions both physical and cognitive. Never is the process straw hat or “relaxing”.
I hope to make images that spark curiosity or create an atmosphere or describe shapes … to invite those who gaze to enter a pictorial surface that is alive and new. Above all, I hope that in some way your spirits are lifted!
Nell Race studied at the Central School of Art and Design, Wimbledon College of Art and has a BA (Hons) in Printed Textiles (1974) from the University for the Creative Arts (formerly West Surrey College of Art & Design).”