Jill Mirza

2024 Venue(s): Rollington Barn

Contact Information:
01929 423692   07930 310542


Artist’s Statement:

“I have spent my life being involved in the making of paintings and drawings both as a practitioner and as a teacher. I studied painting at Camberwell School of Art and at The Royal Academy Schools. For sixteen years, I was involved in running the Alpha Art Gallery in Swanage with my partner. I have written articles for fine art magazines and with my partner was commissioned to produce a book about colour called ‘Mix your own Acrylics’. I have regularly exhibited in London, particularly in Chelsea and Blackheath and in galleries and Art Fairs around the country.

I was trained in a very traditional ethos, taught to observe carefully and to respond to the wonder of visual subtleties. That training has stayed with me always, I am compelled to look intently and record what I see. There is also, inevitably, a narrative concern and a wish to make observations about how people relate to the world around them and to the world they have created.

Responding to the excitement of the visual world my paintings are a figurative exploration of my immediate surroundings here in Swanage and of images I record when travelling, mostly in countries surrounding the Mediterranean.”