Harry Beaves

2024 Venue(s): Rollington Barn

Contact Information:
01258 858404  


Artist’s Statement:

“Thirty-five very active years in the Army were brought to an end because of a heart by-pass operation.
I then studied Furniture Craft at Bournemouth & Poole College for three years and was awarded a City and Guilds Gold Medal for Furniture in 2002. I worked as cabinet maker until I retired in 2010.
My philosophy is simple: wood is a wonderful natural substance with warmth, colour, character and texture which give it a unique beauty. The craftsman’s task is to take that beauty and use it to enhance the object he makes. There should be little need for decoration and rarely any requirement to change the natural colour of the wood. If it takes a tree more than a hundred years to reach maturity then I will use every last scrap right down to light pulls and key rings.
I like to keep my hand in with small items using a variety of mediums. In particular, I enjoy applying lateral thought to everyday items that are ‘tired’ – to give them a fresh lease of life and a new use. My long-suffering wife believes we are the only house in the village that has our rubbish delivered”