Fen D’Lucie

Categories: Sculpture

2022 Venue(s): Open Studio 29

“Fen D’Lucie’s creativity was nurtured in childhood from artistic parents, then cemented with an A-Level in Art History and Drawing at college in Somerset in the 1980’s. A long artistic break ensued in unrelated employment. In the early 2000’s, whilst working, she returned to art producing commissioned animal portraits for twenty years. During employment Fen gained valuable knowledge of human anatomy and physiology from eight years of Personal Training. In 2016 following early retirement she diversified into sculpture, learning from a range of styles and teachers.
Fen now concentrates on a mixture of figurative pieces and abstract work. Whenever possible she uses Life Models in the maquette stage of her figurative work. Abstract pieces are often inspired by vegetation or fundamental elements of nature. Fen won two awards for her abstract sculpture in 2021 which she has found hugely motivating.”

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