Emma-Louise Grinsted

Categories: Ceramics, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking

2023 Venue(s): Rollington Barn – No Longer Exhibiting

“I’m a ceramic artist, print-maker and painter who is inspired by many things; from myth, legend and folk stories via colour, pattern and texture to Islamic, Celtic and Medieval decoration, design and architecture.

My ceramics tends towards the decorative rather than the functional although many of my pieces can be used as vases, jewellery containers or trinket trays.

I enjoy creating surface decoration, both on my ceramic pieces and in my printed/painted images. My ceramic work usually incorporates thin textured slabs of ‘dragon skin’ created using handmade roulettes, which are impressed with meaningful patterns. I generally glaze my ceramics with a range of blue, green and purple glazes that are accented with copper and gold. I also raku fire some of my work to obtain unique finishes and effects. I often use closely related designs in my ceramic work and on my printed images.

I enjoying mixing lino print with ink, watercolour and acrylic painting, both over and under the print. My prints are all unique, one-off pieces of art.

I work from a studio in my garden in Swanage where I can just about see the sea!”

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