Emma-Louise Grinsted

2024 Venue(s): Rollington Barn

Contact Information:
07789 203072  

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Artist’s Statement:

“I’m a ceramic artist, whose work is textured with myth, legend, folk stories and magic.

My ceramics tends towards the decorative rather than the functional although many of my pieces can be used as vases, jewellery containers or trinket trays. I like to create protective homes for homeless things, and containers with character.

I create my ceramic pieces using various techniques; hand building with slabs and coils, press moulding using home-made moulds and found objects, and throwing.

I enjoy creating surface decoration on my ceramic pieces. My work usually incorporates thin textured slabs of ‘dragon skin’ created using handmade, patterned roulettes. I also print on my work with lino cut images.

I generally complete my ceramics with a mixture of underglazes, glazes and metalic lustres to give a variety of colours and finishes. I also raku fire some of my work to obtain unique finishes and effects.”