David Hyde

2024 Venue(s): Rollington Barn & Open Studio 34

Contact Information:
07932 714018  


Artist’s Statement:

“My fascination with metals began as a toddler handing spanners to my father as he worked on his motorcycle and side car. After a few detours involving post graduate research and teaching physics I eventually took up jewellery making as a hobby. I instantly knew that I would spend the rest of my life exploring and working creatively with metal.

Initially I set myself up as an Artist Blacksmith designing and making work such as gates and railings with more than a hint of sculpture to them. However, as the work became larger, I hankered after working in a more detailed manner and to a more intimate scale.

I was lucky enough to move to Purbeck a few years ago and a combination of building my garden from scratch and inspiration from the Jurassic coast moved me in a different direction. My work is now inspired by natural forms with a particular emphasis on texture, especially texture inspired by the area’s rich and diverse geology.

I work with many metals including iron, steel, bronze, copper and silver. I have a passion for flowing and sweeping curves and detail is always important to me.”