Catherine Seddon

2024 Venue(s): Rollington Barn

Artist’s Statement:

“My work is inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape around me; from foraging for fungi in the woods to dabbling in jewelled rockpools on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.
As a painter, I’m much more interested in the glazing element of ceramics than in the building of pots – I open my kiln like an excited child opening presents on Christmas day – straining to see how the colours and textures of the glazes have combined and melded during firing, to create something abstract and unique.
I favour the the wabi-sabi “”perfect imperfection””, alchemic aspect of glazing, and often incorporate pieces of the natural world into my pots – coloured sea glass picked up from Charmouth beach, crumbled fossil rock from Seatown, leaf prints from Arne.
For my bowls, I try to replicate the push and pull of the sea’s waves with jewelled rockpool interiors. Or I might hand paint local flora and fauna using underglaze.
I also let my imagination run riot in my fantasy collection – fairy houses, octopus mugs, toadstool teapots and dinosaur vases!
Before I discovered pottery, I was a high school art teacher and a painter, specialising in portraiture, although, I’m currently experimenting with abstraction.”