“Andy started keeping sketchbooks as mindful therapy to help his mental health. As a geography teacher (retired) for 30 years he drew many diagrams to describe and explain concepts.

AndyKnillArt started in 2017 with 2 aims:
– to see if Andy’s art would sell at an accessible price
– to share the therapeutic process of drawing through ‘Art for Fun’

Five years on, his studio in Swanage opens to the public 4 days a week all year round.

Andy’s work is hand drawn using a variety of pens and markers. In 2022 he is also going to be developing his linocut print skills. Some work is drawn live, other pieces based on his photographs that he takes all year round on and offshore.

If you want to spot Andy at an art event look for his hand drawn pith helmet and boiler suits. He enjoys his life in Purbeck and spreading the message about ‘Art for fun’ to all ages from 2 to 80+.

Visit him at AndyKnillArt Studio in Swanage. Chat about the local area, draw for free, take a look at his wide variety of art pieces. Andy’s key message is to enjoy art and time in Purbeck.”

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