Abi H-Parker

2024 Venue(s): Open Studio 23

Contact Information:
07896 056352  

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Artist’s Statement:

“Abi Is a wildlife artist painting from her studio at home in the New Forest, Hampshire -along with her family of five.
Being creatively curious from a young age her ambition to become an artist took an experimental path exploring many mediums at college. Always with a pencil or biro pen to hand, Abi’s sketchbook contained subjects with pattern, character, and energy. Her professional career began with watercolours but shortly returned to using acrylics after a piece of slate tile came into her possession. It was cold, hard, and natural, the intense colour offered and interesting backdrop to her art. Reclaimed slate pieces became her niche. British wildlife, birds of prey, flora, tundra, and fungi feature, inspired by her surroundings and the changing of the seasons.
Abi’s most recent work blends her love of the natural world with detailed brushwork using live and waney edge wood as her canvas. Working the wood to fine finish before painting.
Abi sees her work is a reminder of the worlds hidden bounty and continues the search for new and unusual forms of canvas to broaden her unique theme of painting nature on nature.”