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Performanced at Lychett Minster School 2014


Quartet, choreographed by Peter Babbage.

Performed at Lytchett Minster School.

From Start to Finish

Performed by the Lytchett Minster School BTEC Performing Arts students and Year 10 GCSE Dance students.


Dancers from Thornden School, Hampshire.

Choreography by Daniel Burnham and Dancers.

Performed at Lytchett Minster School.

In life we are compelled to present a calm, formal and balanced façade which may mask an inner passion squashed and waiting to be released. This work explores the mask so many of us wear and that side of ourselves which lies beneath; the inner and the outer.

Pupils have come together in this one-off project from a range of dance backgrounds and experiences and have given much creative as well as performance energy into making it happen.

Virus Infusion

Choreography: Fabrice Ali-Fogarty.

Music: Antiphon by Hidden Orchestra.

Dancers: Harry Dunnett, Josh Henderson, Owen White.

Performed at Lytchett Minster School.

When a virus enters us it becomes entwined throughout the body and unsettles our balance.


Performance by The Ranger School of Dance at Lytchett Minster School.