This collection of organic sculptural forms has been created using local hand dug clay and fired using the ancient pit firing technique. Each piece is hand-built using only my hands and found natural tools, burnished with pebbles from the beach and fired in an open pit heated using sustainably sourced wood and natural materials gathered from the landscape and shoreline. The sculptures feel like they’ve been created by nature itself, with the fire licking the clay surface transforming it into a myriad of different patterns and colours. I love the unpredictability of the finished surface and the endless possibilities. I have minimal control over how each piece will look, but always know that each sculpture unearthed from the ashes will tell its own story and be totally unique. I strongly identify with this way of working as it allows me to connect more deeply to the earth, motivates me to get outside and collect materials to use in the making and firing process, it forces me to let go of preconceived ideas and teaches me about acceptance. The forms take inspiration from what I see around me, celebrating a complete fusion of creativity, clay, chemistry, earth, nature, fire and alchemy.