“I am a landscape artist, using watercolour and ink to portray the beauty of the local Dorset landscape. I love the unpredictability of the medium, as well as the fluidity and the textures that the paints create on the page. My work focuses on the vibrant natural colours found throughout the seasons, as well as the shapes of the fields and coastlines of Dorset. Often my paintings draw a sense of space of the landscape, with a flock of birds in flight to give a sense of the landscape’s scale.

I exhibit regularly in Dorset, Surrey, and London, as well as being the published illustrator and author of several books, including ‘Elephants in the Rush Hour’ and ‘Are we nearly there yet?’. I also write a daily thought for the day, combined with a painting, which can be found at www.facebook.com/apaintingaday2013.

I hope that my paintings convey a sense of the peace found in the Dorset landscape, asking the viewer to pause and take time to reflect.”