Amanda Randall – stone sculptures at Burngate

Categories: Drawing, Sculpture, Stone Carving

2023 Venue(s): Open Studio 23

“I make hand carved, abstract stone sculptures inspired by plants and fungi. Using contrasting textures and bold, curving forms, my work evokes the strength, calmness and resilience of nature. I aim to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect biodiversity by referencing endangered UK species. My online exhibition ‘Nature on the,’ responds to the environmental destruction caused by HS2 in Warwickshire. I think globally and act locally.
Currently I am carving UK limestones, mainly Purbeck Freestone, which I work by hand using traditional chisels, mallets and rasps.
I studied Fine Art Sculpture at Maidstone College of Art and created many pieces of public sculpture, but I started to focus on stone in 2012. My practice is influenced by modernist British landscape sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, and contemporary carvers Jude Tucker and Will Spankie. I share their love of direct carving, truth to materials, craftsmanship and abstraction.
I enjoy teaching stone carving, especially at Burngate. It’s fun seeing what people can achieve in a day and the benefits carving brings to my students’ wellbeing. I hope I am helping to build creative, compassionate and sustainable communities through my art and teaching.

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